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Tour de force

Saturday,  07/30/05  09:10 AM

What can I say about Lance Armstrong that hasn't been said already?  He's amazing, and my hat's off to him.  Defeating cancer, winning the Tour de France seven times in a row, and raising millions of dollars for cancer research through his Lance Armstrong Foundation.  He is definitely going out on top.

While sailing I read a fascinating book called Lance Armstrong's War, by Daniel Coyle.  Despite the title it really isn't about any war, instead, it is a detailed look at the innards of professional bike racing.  The preparation, the mental games, the tactics, and the sheer unpredictability.  Really great.

And check out this New Yorker cover from July 25:

Tour de Force - New Yorker 07/25/05
(click for larger pic)

The title is "Tour de Force"; I love it!

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