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Tuesday,  05/17/05  11:52 PM

BW: Better Weapons in the Cancer War.  Interesting article, but they don't mention ScanScopes!  They will.

Iowahawk is a great satire site; they outdid themselves with this one: The Lutefisk Jihad.  There's just something funny about lutefisk, I don't know.  Of course there's very little funny about jihad.  [ via LGF ]

Glenn Reynolds thinks the Newsweek Toiletgate affair is a tipping point for mainstream media.  I would have thought it was Rathergate, but he may be right.  Surely Newsweek's retraction came much faster than CBS'.

Sometimes the satire is tough to distinguish from reality, consider College Profs denouce Western culture, move to caves.  [ via GNXP ]

This is kind of cool; there's this site,, a discount travel site.  Essentially if you wait until "the last minute" to buy tickets, you can get them really cheap (because they're about to be worth $0).  So the site has a link in the upper corner: "The boss is watching, look busy".  It takes you to a page that looks like an Excel spreadsheet, filled with some awesome buzzword bingo.  "Target leading-edge web-readiness."  I love it.

Revenge of the SithRevenge of the Sith opens tomorrow.  I don't care if it is good, or bad, I'm going to see it.  And you are too.  Of course I don't want it to be bad, but after Attack of the Clones my expectations are very low.  How much suspense can there be in a movie where we knew the ending 25 years ago?  Anthony Lane's review in New Yorker is an artful skewering; he didn't think much of it.  It's worth reading for the flames alone: "The general opinion of 'Revenge of the Sith' seems to be that it marks a distinct improvement on the last two episodes, 'The Phantom Menace' and 'Attack of the Clones.'  True, but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion."  Ouch, put a bandaid on that cut!  [ via Tim Bray ]

Mark Cuban does it again: Yahoo forces RIAA staff cutbacks.  Essentially, since Yahoo is now offering unlimited music for $5/month, the recording industry cannot claim that online piracy hurts them any more than $5/month.  Tough to poke a hole in that argument, unless Yahoo is operating at a loss and paying more than they take in (which is possible).

the shark's mouthThe Horse's Mouth posted a great picture.  It's a mouth, but not a horse.  Click through for a bigger pic.

Google+Tivo!You can use Tivo's Home Media toolkit to link Google Maps!  And Keyhole!  Wow.  This might be the last straw, I probably need to get a Series 2.  [ via Matt Haughey ]

[Later: This might be a dancing bear (cool but not useful).  But it is cool!]

Tim Oren explains the Tech Industry: Addicted to Buzz.  "Buzz phrases and their attendant theories are a bit like drugs.  Taken in moderation, they can be beneficial to your business analysis and model.  Butbeware of quacks."  At least, that explains the investor side of the tech industry :)  (Tim is a VC.)

Milwaukee Power Tool - too much powerWhen your power tool is too powerful (link to movie).  Great ad for Milwaukee Power Tools.  [ via Greg Crandall ]

world's longest error message - .NET fatal errorThe world's longest error message?  Courtesy of .NET.  In its own way, impressive.



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