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Sunday,  05/08/05  08:14 PM

I had a wonderful day doing absolutely nothing.  (Well, okay, I did a bit of coding, and a bit of blogging.)  This is Shirley's standing desire for Mother's Day - we enjoy the day at home with our family.  Happy Mother's Day, S.

Powerline links Victor David Hanson: What Happened to History?  Of course, "those who are ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it."  There are [very] few writers with whom I agree as consistently as VDH.

Masters of DeceptionThe other day (well two months ago) I posted Cool art that will mess with your head, part 1.  "Soon" I will post part 2, but in the meantime I've received several emails telling me that work was by Rob Gonsalves.  The book Masters of Deception by Art Seckel was recommended as well (this piece is on the cover).  I'll have to get this book, it includes my hero Maurits Escher, and has a forward by another hero Douglas Hofstader.  Thanks for the emails!

Honda penny farthingMan, here's some awesome Photoshopmanship: the Worth 1000 contest: Current products in a vintage light.  Pictured: the Honda penny farthing :)  [ via Tom Coates ]

Clive Thompson notes that a Humboldt squid was captured in Victoria (Vancouver Island).  Now that is awfully far North for this "warm water" animal.  More evidence for Global Cooling?

Are you following the Kansas state Board of Education hearings on Intelligent Design?  Well I didn't think so.  I bet you're not following the proceedings of the Flat Earth Society either.  CNN notes Scientists Snub Kansas Evolution Hearings.  The best news has been posted on The Panda's Thumb, an excellent blog tracking the progress, or lack thereof, of ID advocates (aka "creationists").  I find this so amazing.  Not that people disagree about science, but that the subject of evolution is so emotional.  Only abortion rivals it among political issues which get people upset.  This must have been what it was like in the 1600s, when there was public debate about whether the Earth orbited the Sun.

Barbie USB driveAmong the hundreds (thousands?) of USB drives out there, this one absolutely takes the cake.  Pull the head off the Barbie, plug it in, and poof! 256MB.  And who says Barbie is an airhead?  [ via Gizmodo ]

Sidestepper - Critical SectionThis is so cool; Sidestepper.  You enter a URL, and a "virtual living room" is made from the images and text of that page.  You can pan and zoom around.  I took Critical Section *today* and ended up with a dodecahedron on the wall.  This is a really cool "HTML proxy", kind of an extreme modification of content.  [ via Clive Thompson ]

Thanks, Robert, for the link about Aperio's summer intern position!  I've already received a bunch of emails and resumes.  Very exciting!

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