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tsunami relief

Sunday,  02/20/05  10:21 AM

I still have a little link to the Amazon tsunami relief fund on my pages; the Katsushika Hokusai woodcut from 1831.  The fund currently stands at $15,751,953, from 190,768 individual donations.  Wow.  I'm sure there were people from many countries who contributed, but I'm also sure the vast majority of these donations came from U.S. citizens.  I think I'll leave it a bit longer...

This is kind of old news by now; there was a blog called Diplomad which chronicled the U.N.'s perfidity in taking credit for U.S. Tsunami relief.  (I say "was" because they're not blogging any more, although the site is still on the air.)  Anyway the U.N. defies parody; I can't wait until we finally stop funding this horrible excuse for graft.

L.T.Smash weighs in: The Dishonesty is breathtaking.

tsunami effect on seabedMeanwhile here's an interesting analysis of the effect of the tsunami on the Indian Ocean seabed.  More here.

Gerard Vanderleun ponders Rules?  In a Knife Fight?  "One gets the impression that the President and his core group would prefer it if Americans and the world began to think of the Iraq stage of the Terrorist War as a kind of Tsunami relief effort with guns."  This is always a problem; we fight "fair", some of our opponents do not.  But that's the difference between us and them, and why we must win.  We just don't want to lose who we are in the process.

And "who we are" is exemplified by that Amazon relief fund!

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