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Sunday,  02/20/05  09:39 AM

One of the things I missed blogging about last month was the new Mac Mini.  Man is it cool.  Have you seen one?  They're tiny.  Basically the size of a DVD drive.  Very nice, especially considering the $500 price.  I'm trying to figure out a good reason to buy one; I am working on a Mac development project... 

Here's one thing you might be able to do with one; a concept for a Mac Mini A/V dock.  [ via Engadget, who also ran how to turn your Mini Mac into a media center. ]  There seems to be a theme to this speculation :) 

Robert X. Cringley thinks the Mini Mac is all about movies.
He also ponders whetherthe iPod is the razor or the blade

AppleHere's to the crazy ones :)  [ via Gerard VanderkLeun

I've been flying a bit lately, and I can totally recommend SeatGuru.com.  This free site will tell you everything you need to know about every seat on every commercial airplane. 

The Seattle PI has a nice article about their new Rem Koolhaas -designed library, and how he almost didn't get a chance to do it.  [ Thanks, Tom ] 

If you're an IE user, check out this cool clock!  Ah, the wonders of DHTML.  [ Thanks, Diane ]  (This illustrates both sides of the DHTML situation; you can do cool things with it, no question, but it is incompatible across browsers.) 

What the heck was this?  Not quite the way to make a landing...  Could this be real?  It looks pretty real.