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Tuesday,  12/14/04  11:27 PM

The blogosphere seems kind of quiet.  No big news to hash out, I guess...

Myriam Santos-Kayda photographyHere's a cool photography site for Myriam Santo-Kayda, with lots of musicians.  One of the [very few] sites where the Flash actually makes for a nice user interface.  [ via Ottmar Liebert ]

Eric Sink: finding a product idea.  Or how to systematically figure out what to do.  I love Eric and there is a lot of good stuff in this article, but I find the entire premise to be flawed.  Generally good product ideas find you, you don't find them.  Most of the cool software products I've ever see came from someone's personal need.  This is why Luke Hutteman wrote SharpReader, for example.

G5 powermac17" powerbookI've been mulling over Mac development - whether to get a desktop or a laptop.  I've used a laptop for Windows development for years now, they seem to be more than fast enough...  using a full-size keyboard, mouse, and 21" monitor, of course.  It's been suggested that I wait until Macworld in January, apparently rumor has it there are some Powerbook announcements planned...  I'll be watching Jobs' keynote with even more interest than usual.

Thinking of attending the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, in March...  Looks interesting - lots of fascinating speakers - but it is expensive :(

taskspaceI came across this a while ago - taskspace - a two-dimensional to-do list manager.  What's interesting is the idea that tasks are organized by two criteria, urgency and importance.  Despite being all for computer automation in most things, I've never found computer-based task managers useful; I still rely on the old analog handwritten list.  Maybe this could work for me?  I'll have to add "check out taskspace" to my list :)

My little essay the Tyranny of Email has been turned into a Change This manifesto.  Cool.  I'm not sure of the PDF format thing, but it does look nice...

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