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Lights, Camera, Xmas!

Wednesday,  12/08/04  10:56 PM

This one is for Kevin:

The other day I treated myself to a birthday gift, a cool little camera from Fuji.  It is tiny!  And it really works great, the shot above was taken in pitch blackness, in the rain.  The original is 2200 x 1600 pels!

Digital camera technology is impressive - this device is about as small as it can be and still be usable by human fingers, yet it takes hundreds of sharp clear high resolution pictures (4Mp), records movies including sound, and has great battery life.  When you get home you put it in a little USB cradle and the pictures are directly available on your desktop as a disk drive, and the battery recharges.  It costs far less than a high-quality film camera did 10 years ago.  Amazing what can happen to technology in a market when it reaches "consumer scale".