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Say it isn't so - Wind power not all pleasant breezes.  "A group of Canadian and U.S. scientists reported Tuesday that computer simulations show that a large-scale use of wind farms to generate electrical power could create a significant temperature change over Earth's land masses."  There is no free lunch.  [ via Adam Curry

Tim Oren ponders Why does the networked left keep losing

Meanwhile Wired is Longing for a blogging candidate.  Only a matter of time, I should think...  [ via Powerline, in an introspective post: Should Presidential candidates blog? ] 

How "blue" is California?  Check out this county-by-county map posted by Citizen Smash.  We are a microcosm of the U.S. as a whole - red over most of the land, blue in the cities.  But there are populous areas which are red - such as my own Ventura County... 

EastSouthWestNorth - awesome pictures from China.  Very thought provoking, somehow; there's a whole world there which is not here.  [ via The Peking Duck

ExtremeTech reviews the new video-on-demand service from Akimbo.  Their approach is to sell you a box which receives video over your broadband connection and displays it on your TV.  Then you subscribe to the service.  We'll have to keep our eye on this one... 

Just want to shout out for collision detection, Clive Thompson's blog.  I link to him often and enjoy him daily.  

Like this - Bathsheba Grossman's "math art".  The piece at right is "a 4-dimensional solid projected into 3-space, the 4-space analogue of the dodecahedron.  It's named for its 120 dodecahedral faces, which appear skewed in this projection, but of course in 4-space they are all regular dodecahedra."  Of course.  I love it! 

New Scientist interviews Benoit Mandelbrot - a fractal life.  I really enjoyed this article because it made him seem like a nice guy; previously I had the impression he was a bit stuffy and rather full of himself.  And then there's this:  

Q: What are you working on now
A: My work is more varied than at any other point in my life.  I am still carrying out research in pure mathematics.  And I am working on an idea that I had several years ago on negative dimensions.

Negative dimensions?  Wow.