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Thursday,  11/11/04  10:04 PM

Martin Peretz, editor of New Republic, on John Kerry: Bad Messenger.  An interesting analysis of the state of the Democratic party, and their future prospects.  "I actually believe that, had Lieberman won the nomination, he would have won the election.  I think Gore would have as well."  I actually believe that, too; almost all of Kerry's support was anti-Bush sentiment.  [ via Glenn Reynolds

Man, this is really bad; Slate reports Holland in Flames.  "Religious violence and terror arrests stun the Netherlands in the aftermath of filmmaker Theo van Gogh's murder."  An unfortunate wakeup call for Europe's multiculturalism. 

This is a bit old - I might have even linked it before - Malcom Gladwell considers Big and Bad, how the SUV ran over automotive safety.  "Internal industry market research concluded that S.U.V.s tend to be bought by people who are insecure, vain, self-centered, and self-absorbed, who are frequently nervous about their marriages, and who lack confidence in their driving skills."  The only hope is $10/gallon gas, I think. 

Wired reports Vonage dodges state regulations.  "The FCC decides that cable, phone and other companies offering internet-based phone services fall under federal jurisdiction. The company calls the ruling a victory for consumers."  Yippee. 

The impressive 311 service in New York: Operators are standing by.  "When people talk about network technology revolutionizing politics, it's usually in the context of national campaigns: Internet fundraising, political blogs.  But the most profound impact may be closer to home; even in an age of global networks, 311 reminds us that all politics is local."  Very cool, something useful to do with taxes. 

I might have to get just ordered one of these: Keyspan Airport Express remote.  "Airport Express Remote allows you to wirelessly control your iTunes playback by plugging in the USB remote receiver into a PC, Mac, or even the AirPort Express itself."  Awesome, this is what Airport Express needs to be a real solution for my family room stereo.  I already never play CDs in my car anymore, now I won't have to play CDs in my house, either. 

How long before there is an equivalent solution for video?  Components include: broadband video delivery to computer, computer interface to TV, remote control. 

Speaking of video in my family room, Has Tivo forsaken us?  Interesting interview with Tivo general counsel Matthew Zinn about Tivo's limited time video-on-demand.  Essentially, they had to do it to comply with Macrovision's licensing agreements. 

And of course if Tivo becomes too obnoxious, Tivo hacks flourish.  You are running a Apache on your Tivo, right?

The streamzap remote looks close.  But it communicates with your PC, which is in the wrong room.  

Can this be right?  Robert on blogging.la ponders a potential Mike Piazza for Shawn Green trade.  Hmmm...  If you were going to do this, why trade LoDuca? 

Dave Winer considers the nature of podcasts, and the fundamental difference between audio and text.  "Finally we have a medium that, unlike the Web, can't be skimmed. Reading comprehension keeps going down, people skim for keywords, not for understanding."  This is why it isn't compelling for me; I like to skim, I don't have the patience or time to listen to the whole thing.