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'Twas the Night Before

Monday,  11/01/04  09:45 PM

As benefits election eve, some election blogging...

As usual, Cox & Forkum nail the truth, about Decision 2004:

Decision 2004

Bush supporters are voting against terrorism, Kerry supporters are voting against Bush.

The New York Post Editorializes: "If President Bush is re-elected tomorrow, the victory will have come despite the best efforts of two erstwhile American journalistic icons - The New York Times and CBS News."  I think in the future blatent media bias will be seen as "the story" of the 2004 elections.

The other candidate for "the story" of 2004; the role of bloggers.  As C|Net reports, Blogs play critical role in campaigns.

Bill Whittle's Thoughts on the Election.  "People are telling you that Tuesday will be the most important election of your lives.  That is not true.  The most important election of your lives was held on Tuesday, November 7th, 2000.  You just didn't know it.  Neither did I."  He voted for Gore, and after 9/11 he was glad Gore didn't win.

I remember the evening of Tuesday, November 7th, 2000, like it was yesterday.  I was in a country club bar in Princeton, New Jersey, celebrating a business deal with some new partners.  They were all staunch Republicans, rooting for Bush, I was a not-so-staunch Democrat, rooting for Gore.  We stayed up confidently expecting a decision sometime that night.  Ha.  Pretty interesting, every ten minutes brought a new prediction about Florida, a new twist.  Little did we know then it would take over a month before Florida was carried by Bush with 537 votes.

Don't think your vote doesn't count!  Especially if you live in Florida :)

Virginia Postrel: How can you vote for a guy like that?  "I'm not picking a boyfriend here either, or, for that matter, an intellectual mentor.  Given the current balance of power in Congress, there are only two things the president can significantly affect: foreign policy and regulatory policy.  I prefer Bush to Kerry on both.  It's a cold calculation."

Glenn Reynolds thinks Osama Bin Laden is an economic illiterate.  "Iraq and Afghanistan together have cost us less than $300 billion, including the money Bush is going to ask for next year.  In the same period, the US economy will have grossed about 36 trillion dollars."

On a lighter note: The Onion's 2004 Election Guide.  Real journalistic talent, with no bias.

Wrapping up - the latest update from Electoral Vote Predictor is Kerry 298, Bush 231.  "We have the most studied election in the history of the world.  And what's the conclusion?  Nobody knows."  So, I don't know either, but if Bush wins it will be because of The Right Issue.  Way back in March I wrote:

"I think Democrats are making a big mistake by featuring the war on terrorism as an election issue.  This is an issue on which they cannot win...  The best thing terrorists could do if they want Kerry to win - and who doesn't doubt that they do - is to keep things quiet and hope the electoral debate shifts to economic and social issues, on which Bush is much more vulnerable."

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