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Happy Halloween!

Saturday,  10/30/04  11:36 AM

Just wanted to wish everyone and their families a Happy Halloween.

It may be spooky and scary and a bit hard to explain to foreigners, but I think Halloween is a great holiday.  Never mind how it came to be, it is a good thing.  First and foremost, you get to spend time with your kids doing something fun.  That’s always important.  Second, you get to spend time with your neighbors.  I don’t know about you, but I really like my neighbors, however I hardly ever interact with them.  Unless it is a wave “hello” in the morning or a carpool or an explicit party, I really don’t spend any time with them.  And that’s just my immediate neighbors, let alone the people down the street that I see every day but have never even spoken with.  So at Halloween I get to go to their house, say hello, see their kids (maybe, if I can recognize them :) and get more of a feel for who they are.  I like that.  Third, you get to go outside at night.  I’m sure there are people who walk their dog or jog or bike ride early in the morning or something who get out when it’s dark, but I do not.  I try to spend as much time as I can outside, within the parameter of having a job that requires staring at a computer screen, but hardly ever do so at night.  It’s fun – the stars, the lack of noise, the feeling of peace and quiet.  Well what am I talking about on Halloween my street is filled with screaming kids so what lack of noise and peace and quiet.  Anyway I like being outside at night.  Finally, there’s a sort of license to eat candy.  Any other time of the year you might feel guilty or stupid for eating candy, but not October 31.  Well what am I talking about there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and New Year’s and birthdays and ...  Anyway Halloween is a good thing.

So.  Have a great Halloween!


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