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Check out this phenomenal ad by Nike, for the Boston Red Sox; Fenway Park, 1919 - 2004.  [ via Rogers Cadenhead ]  Yeah, the Sox won tonight; hardly a stellar game, but fun anyway.  Still, you have to figure the Cardinals have the edge, right? 

Want to get Mark Cuban's attention?  He tells you how

John Battelle notes: Point-To TV.  "You don't want to make 'Must See TV' - you want to make 'Must Point To TV'."  Interesting. 

Citizen Smash on Teresa Heinz Kerry: Grace

Which reminds me; I used to race sailboats, and there was a guy who sailed with his wife.  Her name was Grace, and their boat was named Graceful.  Then they had some problems and divorced, so the next season he sailed with a different crew.  He renamed his boat Graceless :) 

arctic lakeCheck out these amazing photos from the Arctic Refuge Project, by Subhankar Banerjee.  Breathtaking!  [ via Ottmar Liebert

One of the cool things I did this summer was to see Ottmar Liebert in concert, at the Canyon Club.  If you ever have a chance to see him, take it; he and Luna Negra are absolutely wonderful live.  I managed to snap some shots with my Treo.  I like the one at the right, serendipitous distortion. 

IEEE spectrum has an interesting story about the Huygens probe to be launched from the Cassini spacecraft: Titan Calling.  "How a Swedish engineer saved a once-in-a-lifetime mission to Saturn's mysterious moon.

This is pretty cool; the sims in Sims 2 can play Sims 1 on their computers.  [ via Cory Doctorow ]  So you know what I'm thinking; yeah, this is cool, but what if they could play Sims 2

Apparently the new version of Virtual PC runs Windows XP really well on a Mac.  I'll have to check it out.  No word on how it runs on a Sims' Mac :) 

Wired has an interesting story: All Bio Systems are Go.  "If an influential group of researchers has its way, techniques used to analyze interconnected systems will provide a better understanding of the most complex network of all: the human body."  How cool is it that there is a field called systems biology

A classic left brain / right brain conflict: check out the chart at right.  You're supposed to say the colors, not the words.  Youch.  Apparently if you turn this upside down it is much easier, what do you think?  (only recommended if you have a laptop :)  [ via Sam Ruby

Microsoft announces a desktop search tool of their own.  Yawn.  It will be slow, and hence, useless. 

I wonder how long it will be before my Treo does VoIP over WiFi?  You know it will happen.  In 2005?  In 2006?  You'd have to say, surely by 2007, right?  At that point, where does it leave the cellular companies?  They will be wireless ISPs.  Have you tried Vonage?  It works, okay; really really.  And it costs $25/month for unlimited calling in the U.S.  I have DSL, which means my Vonage VoIP goes over the same wires that used to carry analog POTS.  So at this point, where does it leave the phone companies?  They will be wired ISPs.  Finally, consider video-on-demand.  Tivo's CEO says the future of Tivo is broadband video, not broadcast video.  So if you have a cable modem, your video will be broadband video, over the same wires that used to carry broadcast video.  So at that point, where does it leave the cable companies?  They will be ISPs, too.  Yep, the entire telecom industry are going to end up as ISPs

The Treo 650 arrives Monday.  It does Bluetooth, but it does not do VoIP.  Yet.