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Saturday,  10/23/04  01:44 PM

Mary Joe Foley: A Q&A with Joel on (Microsoft) Software.  "Maybe Google is to Microsoft what Microsoft was to IBM...  It will be interesting to see if Google will wake up and open themselves to developers."  Yeah, this is the Joel on Software Joel.  Great stuff, please read it.  [ via Scoble ]

Still catching up, I meant to link the excellent series by Kevin Laws about Sillywood.  "Silicon Valley and Hollywood Are Not That Different.":

Bonks the nails on the heads, IMHO.

In fact Silicon Valley and Hollywood are intersecting, consider Tivo and Netflix.

Apollo 11 lunar landing QTVRWant to see something really cool?  Check this out; Quicktime VR of the 1969 Apollo 11 landing.  I especially love the way they incorporated Neil Armstrong's voice back to Houston mission control.  Gives you that spooky "you are there" feeling.  [ via Cult of Mac ]

And this is soo cool.  Stereoscopic text.  So that's how they do it.  [ via Matt Webb ]

Are you wearing one of those little yellow bands?  Oh, good, you are.  What a terrific marketing campaign; it incorporates a good cause, with a great spokesperson, with an easily recognizable token.  As Anita Sharp notes, "there's nothing cooler right now than doing good."livestrong wristband

It was really cool watching the Olympics, and seeing how many athletes were wearing them, from all over the world.  Excellent.

John Fogerty - Deju Vu All Over AgainAfter I read Glenn Reynolds' note about John Fogerty's new album,Déjà vu All Over Again, I bought it immediately.  This is the cool thing about iTunes, instant gratification.  Oh, and the music?  Excellent.  My favorite track is "Nobody's Here Anymore", which could have been recorded by CCR 30 years ago.  Well, except for the lyrics: he's got the latest software, he's got the latest hardware too...World's coolest clock

Did you see this?  The world's coolest digital analog clock, by Inga Sempe.  I want one!  But apparently this is a one-off work of art, not a product.  Yet.  [ via Book of Joe ]


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