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more unused keys

Sunday,  06/13/04  11:14 AM

Yesterday I considered the unused keys on my keyboard.  I got quite a bit of feedback - thanks! - and wanted to follow up.

Many people pointed out that the Windows key has other uses besides Start:

  • Windows-E - launch Explorer
  • Windows-R - launch Run command line
  • Windows-D - toggle minimize all (show desktop / restore all windows)
  • Windows-F - find files
  • Windows-Tab - cycle through buttons on taskbar
  • Windows-L - change users

Okay, I admit it; those are pretty useful.  The Windows key isn't quite in the same catagory as Scroll Lock.  I guess I'll have to force myself to use it, and after a while it will become second nature.

Speaking of Scroll Lock, Liron Shapira pointed me to Scroll Lock is the most Unappreciated Key.  I definitely don't appreciate it :)

As far as useful keys which are missing, here's the consensus list:

  • Help - definitely missing.  If F1 were consistently supported that would be okay, too.
  • Copy, Cut, Paste - really useful.
  • Undo - also really useful.

What's cool about this is that an enterprising keyboard manufacturer could add these keys without requiring any software support, simply wire it so Help=F1, Copy=Ctrl-C, Cut=Ctrl-X, Paste=Ctrl-V, and Undo=Ctrl-Z.

Finally, a correspondent proposed a "blog this" key.  Now that would be useful!