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Saturday,  05/15/04  01:05 AM

basketball!So - just when you thought playoff basketball couldn't get any better - the Lakers-Suns battle last night featured three lead changes in the last 11 seconds, and two in the last second - we get tonight's awesome triple-overtime spectacle, in which the Nets finally outlasted the Pistons.  Wow.  I'm exhausted.  When Chancey Billups hit the trey from half court to send the game into overtime, I was literally yelling.  And the game went on for another hour.

Mr. IncredibleThe trailer for The Incredibles is out.  See it on the Incredibles website or the Apple trailers page.  It looks, er, pretty incredible.  How can one little movie studio bat 1.000?  (Toy Story, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo were all hits.)  Is is their technology?  No.  It's their stories...

Apple did something interesting with this trailer, in addition to small / medium / large versions, they have a fullscreen version which launches iTunes, and plays inside it.  Fullscreen movies are a Quicktime-pro only feature, except apparently if you have iTunes.  Apple is saying either you buy Quicktime Pro, or you download and install iTunes, and we'll let you watch fullscreen movies.  This also highlights the previously unknown fact that iTunes can play movies.  Now why would it be able to do that? :)

One of the coolest tools for creating blogs is Moveable Type, from Six Apart software.  They recently released version 3.0, and changed their license terms and pricing.  As a result, many people who had used previous Moveable Type versions free will have to pay to use the new version.  Amazingly, instead of being grateful for having had such a great product for free, they are pissed off that the new version costs money!  And it doesn't seem to be how much it costs that bothers them, it is the fact that it costs at all.

Mark Pilgrim was upset enough that he exercised his freedom to switch.

tee-shirt folding videoAnd once again proving that you can find anything on the 'net, here's a video showing how to fold a tee-shirt.  [ via Mark Frauenfelder, who comments "it looks so good you almost think they're playing a tape of someone unfolding a shirt backwards." ]

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