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Saturday,  04/17/04  06:49 PM

BloggerCon logoI attended BloggerCon II today.  It was really great.  I even got to pinch-hit for Adam Curry and hosted a session on Personal TV Networks.  What's really fun about this conference is meeting people face-to-face whom I'd previously know only through their blogs.  (By and large, bloggers are just like you'd expect them to be from reading their writing!)

So, after all the preseason hype about how the Yankees were going to dominate, and this team or that team was going to win their division, guess which team has the best record in baseball?  Yippee, it's the boy in blue.  (Yes, the Dodgers beat the Giants again tonight.  Who hoo.)

Wired reports on an interesting future feature for guns: No Chip in Arm, No Shot from Gun.  An RFID chip implanted in the gun owner's hand would activate the gun.  I wonder how many people are shot by guns fired by people who don't own them?

T-Steel eats some crow, which he prepares beautifully.  "No evidence.  No crime.  No nothing.  And I remember some of the blogs ripping this guy to shreds.  I'm mighty fine with a BBQ grill and I can make crow as tender as veal.  So how ya want it?"

John Battelle ponders the Web Time Axis.  "One of my largest gripes about the web is that it has no memory.  But I think this will soon change - at some point in the not too distant future we'll have live and continuous historical copies of the web that will be searchable..."  The Wayback machine is already attempting to do this, but maybe Google will do it for real.  Already webmasters who accidentally delete stuff use the Google cache as a backup system :)

BoingBoing has an interesting new feature; after each post they have a link to Technorati, so you can see what blogs are linking back to that postAndrew Grumet is doing this as well.  This works a bit like trackbacks, only it isn't limited just to blogs which support trackbacks (a fundamental limitation of trackbacks, IMHO).  This is a perfect example of using emergent properties.

Salon notes Sun Microsystems reports $760M loss.  That's a quarterly loss.  Wow.  They do have $1.5B in cash, but at this rate they won't for long.  Talk about getting shot out the back door, they're already irrelevant, but pretty soon they'll be gone.

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