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"The Big City" - New Yorker magazine cover gallery

Monday,  04/12/04  01:16 AM

And now we present - for your enjoyment...

The Big City - New Yorker Magazine covers

The Big City

...a gallery of seventy-two New Yorker Magazine covers spanning 1925-2003.

Regular readers know I'm a big fan of the New Yorker, despite not living in New York and not agreeing with the prevailing left-wing political views it espouses.  The writing is top-notch, thought provoking, and just downright fun to read.  Not to mention their cartoons, which are excellent and worth a subscription just on their own.

March 29, 1976 by Saul SteinbergOver the magazine's 79-year history it has also become known for its covers, some of which have become cultural icons, like Saul Steinberg's whimsical 1976 cover (right).

September 22, 1928 by Adolph K. KronengoldMore often the covers express a unique mood or feeling, or embody a point of view available only to the artist, as in the 1928 cover by Adolph K. Kronengold (left).

A few weeks ago the magazine published a special suppliment entitled "The Big City", featuring seventy-two of their best covers.  I decided to scan them and post them in an online gallery.

September 15, 2003 by Gürbüz Dogan EksiogluMy favorite?  That would have to be the September 2003 cover by Gürbüz Dogan Eksioglu, which just gives me chills each time I view it (right).  See if you don't agree.

All these works are ©2004, The New Yorker Magazine.


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