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Wednesday,  03/24/04  08:30 PM

Tonight we have lots of visuals...

Leading off - a QTVR of ice climbing in the Pyrenees.  Harrowing and amazing:

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan designs radical and amazing buildings:

NASA is not only great at building unmanned spacecraft, they're good at making paper models of them, too:

And speaking of paper models, how about these models from Star Wars!  Wow:

Snow Walker model

Makes you want to reach for your scissors, doesn't it :)

One of the cool things on the horizon has been "virtual keyboards" for small devices.  Well here you go, a Siemens phone/PDA with a laser keyboard:

Ocean explorer traps cool predators from the ocean bottom, like this deep sea isopod:

Looks like a giant pill bug!

From isopods to iPods, here we have - the iPodrace
Featuring Santa Claus wearing a Steve Jobs mask, in a Star Wars -style pod racer made from an iPod:

This is really cool - literally!
Mohammed Bah Abba of Nigeria won a Rolex award for his "pot-in-pot refrigerator".
Food that used to spoil in a few days now stays fresh for weeks:

A really cool Japanese water ferry, designed by anime artist Leiji Matsumoto:

And finally, translucent concrete...  I am not making this up.

Oops, almost forgot.  It's fashion week in L.A.!