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Monday,  12/29/03  09:52 PM

Okay, I have a question.  This is only if you have a Y chromosome (if you don't know if you do, please skip this paragraph).  Do you find that women do not "get" thermostats?  The concept seems to evade them, and they seem to opt for manual on/off control.  I'm just curious to know...

The NYPost reports the Miracle of Baghdad.  "Startling new Army statistics show that strife-torn Baghdad - considered the most dangerous city in the world - now has a lower murder rate than New York."  I don't know whether this means NY is dangerous or Baghdad is safe, but it seems like good news...

Want to know how desperate this kind of good news has made the Democratic candidates for President?  Democrats criticize administration over mad cow.  I swear I am not making this up.  Sigh.

I like this comic a lot.  And no, it isn't funny.  At all.

Looking for a honeymoon location that's out of this world?  Want to join the 240-mile high club?  Then Russia's space program has just the thing - a honeymoon on the Mir space station.  "The international space station is as large as a football field.  There are plenty of nooks and crannies where a couple could hide."  And at $48M, the price is pretty reasonable...

aircraft carrier at auction on eBayAnd if that doesn't work, then perhaps this decommissioned aircraft carrier up at auction on eBay would be of interest...  (Current bid, $6,001,200)

I just came across Eric Sink's blog (which I recommend highly), and found he's published three interesting articles for Microsoft Developers:

Great stuff - check 'em out. announced the ten top new words of 2003.  #2 is blog :)  [ via Scoble ]

Steve Gillmor considers the iPod's future: iPod, Therefore I Am.  Is it a music player, or a platform?  Both.

USB alarm clockHere we have a USB-powered alarm clock.  Perhaps the first USB gadget which actually makes sense!


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