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Monday,  12/15/03  08:15 AM

Here's an interesting reaction to Saddam's capture:

Bush like Ike - the man who ruined our year
"The man who ruined our year"

Courtesy of Merde in France, who linked Contrepoison.  Apparently L'Express said the same thing about Eisenhower in 1944.  Clueless fools.

Magic Johnson in Fortune discusses Why Race Matters.  "Minorities make money, but we don't generate wealth.  But a business generates wealth — it is power, it is something that you can pass on to the next generation.  That is what is needed in the black community."  Man, he is one smart guy.  This kind of thinking is what minority communities really need, not the blame-oriented ravings of Jesse Jackson.

Ottmar Liebert considers the Canadian 'MP3 player tax':  "That is truly pathetic.  Double taxation.  Pay tax on the mp3 player and then legitimately purchase music downloads and pay tax on that as well?"  I agree.

Google pigeon rankAre carrier pigeons faster than the 'net?  This article suggests for certain applications - like sending memory sticks with photographs out of caves - they are!  (Of course there is also Google's "pigeon rank".)

Steve Gillmor thinks BitTorrent and RSS Create Disruptive Revolution.  "Hi ho hi ho disruptively we go..."  I'm not used to thinking of them together, but that's why I check our Steve's column :)

David Coursey lists the ten things Microsoft needs to do in 2004.  Can't really argue with any of it, but I don't see any brilliance here.  David used to be better, I think he's gotten bored with AnchorDesk and now just whips out these missives with little thought.

"football season"Cat picture of the day, from Sandhill Trek.  This is inhumane.  [ via Dave Winer ]



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