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Wednesday,  11/19/03  11:01 PM

You've probably read about all the Bush protestors in London?  Or maybe about how few there were?  Well, have you read the actual speech itself?  You should.

Master and CommanderI saw Master and Commander the other day, and loved it.  It didn't follow the storyline of the book(s), but it was faithful to them; it seems the personalities of Aubrey and Maturin were captured perfectly, as was the whole zeitgeist of the Royal Navy at sea.  And the action was terrific.

This is the first movie I've ever seen where my first words walking out of the theater were "wow, the sound was terrific".  Finally a movie where THX mattered.  Those cannon balls were flying by my head.

For all you Monty Python fans: Estimating the Airspeed or an Unladed Swallow.  "What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?"  And yes, you get to learn about Strouhal numbers.

Nicole KidmanRazib considers redheads: It's better on fire.  I don't think redheads were selected for linked traits, I think they're an example of the Greenbeard Effect.  Which I must blog about further...

Wired interviews [ex-Sun CTO] Bill Joy: Hope is a Lousy Defense.  "I've always said that all successful systems were small systems initially.  The ideal project is one where people don't have meetings, they have lunch."  I don't agree with him on everything, but he's a smart guy.  Interesting reading.

Will there be a .mars?  Vint Cerf ponders the question, and NetworkWorldFusion takes notes.  [ via Tom Coates ]

Jeremy Zawadny answers the question with another: Is Google the next DNS?  Actually Jeremy's post is an answer only in my twisted mind, you decide.  How many of you enter www.<company>.com vs. Googling for <company>?

Scoble discovers adding titles to blog posts is not worth the trouble.  And uncovers the truth behind all metadata - anytime you have to explicitly add metadata, it doesn't work.  {This is the Achilles heel of The Semantic Web (note capitals)}.  What you need are emergent properties.  For example, if Scoble's blogging tool automatically generates titles for each post, that would be cool.

Forbes thinks Tivo at Crossroads, Needs Cable Partner.  [ via Matt Haughey, who previously said the same thing differently as Tivo's Apple Problem. ]  Personally I think Apple is a fine company, I love their products, and I don't see why becoming "like Apple" is a problem for Tivo.  You don't need 50% market share to have a good business - if the market is large enough...

Apple cube fishtankThe Apple cube fishtankOf course.

Kevin Werbach loves his Treo 600.  Yeah, this is convergence.  I love mine, too.


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