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Wednesday,  11/12/03  10:06 PM

Freakish storm hits Southern California.  If it isn't the earthquakes or fires, it's something else.  Why live anywhere else?

Scripting News transitionSomething new and different is brewing over at Scripting News, but I haven't figured out what it is, yet.  Dave Winer is one of the blogoshpere's true innovators.  Scripting News was the first blog I knew about, long before people called them "blogs".  Now it is the first something else.  What, I don't know...  yet...

Dan Gillmor is in Hong Kong, and he's receiving local calls via VoIP.  Of course he is, aren't you?

Interesting post on GNXP; a NYTimes article on "differentiated instruction", with godless' comments.  "It's just another example of the problems that arise when you intentionally neglect human biodiversity."

Remember LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman's new startup which mediates business interactions between people?  They just closed announced a $4.5M round with Sequoia Capital at a social networking panel (congratulations!); David Hornik describes the event.

I find this hard to believe; a Slashdot thread reports Saruman will not appear in LOTR: The Return of the King.  What!

Sony x505 laptopFrom the "you can never be too rich, or too thin" department...  Sony's new laptop.  9.7mm, wow, that's thin!  Comparatively weak specs, though (1GHz, 512MB, 10.4" screen) and most of the ports have been pushed into a mini-dock.

Bombardier EmbrioHere's a "hot wheel"; Forbes reviews the Bombardier Embrio, a cool-looking one-wheeled Segway.  "The Embrio is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, a technology that creates power by mixing hydrogen and oxygen, ideally resulting in water as the only exhaust."  You know what I'm going to say; yeah, I want one.

Steve Ballmer using an iPodSteve Ballmer using an iPod :)  Now that's funny.

Don Box, one of the architects of Longhorn, explains how to write "Hello World" in XAML.  I know Longhorn is pre-beta, but does anyone think this is easier than it used to be?


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