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Thursday,  09/18/03  11:52 PM

Wired considers Why Stock Options Still Rule.  "Nothing lures top talent like the chance to get really rich."  It certainly works for me!  But it isn't just luring top talent, it is also motivating your team.  With options everyone thinks and acts like an owner.  That matters.

NPR: Fashion Industry Copes with Knockoffs.  Interesting how in the fashion world it is accepted that "good design" will be copied.  But in the music world, or the video world, or the book publishing world, "good design" is copyrighted, and you get sued for copying.  Hey, it is just information.  Once created, it can be copied infinitely with zero marginal cost.  It is what it is!  [ via Cory Doctorow ]

NYTimes: Music File Sharers Keep Sharing.  "Last week, more than four million Americans used KaZaA, the most popular file-sharing software, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, only about 5 percent fewer than the week before the record industry's lawsuits became big news."  Well, duh - water flows downhill!

Walt Mossberg, the WSJ's personal technology writer, says New Treo 600 Rules.  Best things I learned were that 1) the camera doesn't suck, and 2) the device has been redesigned for one-handed operations.  I am so ready to buy one already...  This article says the Sprint version will launch in mid-October.

Samsung announced two phones with built-in TV!  Interesting...  Next we need phones with built-in Tivo :)

Cablevision is joining the VoIP bandwagon.  Welcome.  This is really a thing; you could believe that within five years many people will not be using phone lines.  Except maybe for DSL...

What do you get when you cross Farrah Fawcett with Dorothy Hamill?  Why Valerie Bertinelli, of course.  At least according to The Feathered Back Hair site.  I am not making this up.

I bet they could join VanityDate.com.  Tagline on the home page: "L.A.Darwinism: Survival of the Prettiest".  I love it.

Finally - I know you were waiting for this - my current favorite tem for "value creation over time" is productivity.  (BTW thanks for all the comments on this, you guys are really adding value...)