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Wednesday,  09/17/03  10:51 PM

Today I had to find a bunch of historical dates; product releases, customer installs, stuff like that.  It gave me a great chance to put X1 through its paces.  It worked great!  X1 searches your Outlook archive and your local files fast.  As in by the time you finish typing the query, you have the result.  It took a bit to "tame" the program - it tries to do too much when first installed - but overall it is a great tool.

Okay, this is serious.  New Scientist reports 'Miscalculation' could mean the end of caviar.  "One of the world's most valuable fish could be driven to extinction because an international conservation body has miscalculated how many are left in the wild.  So claim fisheries scientists who are warning that flawed science is behind a decision this month to allow continued fishing of beluga sturgeon."  This is probably not as bad as reported, but I sure hope it doesn't drive up the price of Beluga.  [ via Cory Doctorow ]

This is wonderful: the Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair.  "1st Place: Using Prayer To Microevolve Latent Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria."  Amazingly, from the comments in the guestbook it appears less than half the visitors realize this site is a parody!  [ via Bigwig ]

David Burbridge links an Observer story about the "meteor killed the dinosaurs" theory.  Interesting discussion and good comments in the GNXP thread, too.  My unscholarly opinion is that the meteor theory is not wrong, but not the whole story, either.  But please read and decide for yourself...

The Treo 600 is out!  Orange has launched it in Europe.  I want mine NOW.

Handspring keeps sending me emails telling me how great the Treo 600 is going to be.  It pisses me off.  I'm sold already, now let me buy one!

Have you called 1-800-555-TELL yet?  Try it!  [ via Scoble ]

Hey, my Vonage VoIP adapter arrived today!  Just a little Cisco ATA-186.  So I just plug it in and poof, I have a phone!  We'll see - stay tuned.

I'm going to the Microsoft PDC (the bi-annual professional developer's conference), and there is a PDC meta-blog (of course).  All the pre-conference buzz seems to be about "Indigo", which nobody understands but everyone talks about anyway.  Brain.save() regards the way of the Indigo...

I hesitate to report this because it is still vaporware, but today Samsung announced it will bring out a line of digital music players which will interface with the "new Napster".  It is being positioned as Apple-like in the pairing of a hardware player with an online service (iPod and iTMS).  I must tell you I am so from Missouri on this - show me the new Napster, and then I'll believe it.