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First Day of School

Thursday,  08/28/03  10:52 AM

This morning my kids went back to school, so summer's over.  Already it feels cooler and the leaves look yellower.  Time passes oh so fast.

Jordan is now a senior (!), Alexis is in 5th grade, and Megan is a first grader.  Wow.  I remember all of them as little preschoolers like it was yesterday.  I think it is sad for them, too.  All kids want to grow up - it's their job, and they're programmed that way - but they like stability and continuity, too.  Growing up means change, and change is scary.

Well, onward!  It is what it is.  I hope they make lots of friends, and have great teachers, and enjoy themselves, and each day continue their inexorable paths to the great people they will become.

[ Later:  Well, they made it.  With smiles.  And a few complaints - mostly friend stuff.  So we're off on a new school year.  Whee. ]