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Monday,  08/04/03  10:36 PM

Steven Den Beste reports North Korea blinks.  Let's hope this is the prelude to a reasonable solution.  The Chinese don't want NK to have nukes any more than we do, and they have the power to force NK to abandon them, which we do not - yet.

Well, here's the article I've spent three years waiting to read: Video Extraction from a Tivo.  It appears there is now a clean technical path to extracting recorded video from a Series 1 Tivo via Ethernet onto a PC.  It isn't very polished - yet - but this is the start of a bunch of movie file-sharing on line...

Tricolor salvageThis is amazing.  Last December the Norwegian auto transport Tricolor foundered in the English Channel after colliding with another ship, sinking in the shallow water with its cargo of 2,862 luxury cars.  Since then it has been hit three times by other ships in the Channel, despite being surrounded by lighted buoys.  Now an operation is under way to remove the wreck by sawing it into pieces using a specially hardened steel cable.  Adam Curry did some helicopter-blogging and posted pictures - check them out!

Want to compare two American Cities head-to-head?  Then here is your tool.  For example I performed this comparison of Thousand Oaks, CA, to Los Altos, CA (the last two cities in which I've lived).  You can draw some interesting conclusions combining the "people" information with the "health" and "crime" information.  Too bad there isn't an IQ test - but you can use "education" as a proxy...

Researcher Jose Hernandez-Rebollar of George Washington University has developed an electronic glove that can turn American Sign Language gestures into spoken words or text.  Now that's a cool use of technology!

Wine Spectator: matching wine with food.  "This is not rocket science.  It's common sense.  Follow your instincts."  I think the most important thing is to drink good wine; it doesn't make sense to say "Cabernet goes great with steak" if you're talking about $4 rotgut.  [ via Ottmar Liebert ]

Ottmar's studioSpeaking of Ottmar, this is what his studio looks like:

Wired reports Millions going Solo with Cells.  "Industry analysts say 7.5 million Americans have cut the cord of their land-line phones, with students, recent graduates and young professionals leading the way."  For the past three years my only business phone has been my cell.  Why have more than one, it is just more expensive and more confusing for people trying to reach you...

So Novell bought Ximian.  Cool.  Ximian is known for their founder, Miguel de Icaza, and his Mono project, an open-source Linux-based implementation of the .NET runtime.  I guess Novell wants to be a player in the Lintel market - good for them.

Okay, here you go Dave; a gratuitous link to test the new trackback facility in Radio.  I'm undecided about trackback; on the one hand it is useful to see who has linked to what, but on the other it feels like this information should be an emergent property gathered from logs, rather than an explicit one...  Next we'll have trackback spam, wherein people post a trackback from a website they want to publicize even though it doesn't link to the target.

A great exchange overheard on Slashdot:

"I wish all you gun-toting fucktards would just go create your own nation."
"We did.  Who the hell let you in here?"

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