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Tuesday,  07/15/03  10:10 PM

Remember the war?  Yeah, that war.  Well Stephen Den Beste surveys current progress, and concludes things are going well.  He thinks the next step will be greater pressure on Saudi Arabia...

Motley Fool: The Twelve Simple Secrets of Microsoft Management.  #1 is Total World Domination: "Some companies focus on the bottom line. In contrast, every single Microsoft employee is single-mindedly focused on winning 100% of their target market."  Very interesting...

New Scientist: Creatures from Primordial Silicon.  Applied Darwinism to optimize silicon circuits!

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's the Troncycle, a new motorcycle from Dodge.  Okay, it's really called the Tomahawk.  But you can see it was definitely Tron-inspired :)

From mozilla.org we now have the Mozilla Foundation, "a new non-profit organization that will serve as the home for mozilla.org."  So be it.  We can only hope they'll keep the browser wars cookin'; right now they are on life support.  Meanwhile MozillaZine reports AOL cuts remaining Mozilla hackers.  In other words, mozilla.org is on their own.

Volkswagon and Apple have teamed up for a 'Pods Unite' marketing campain.  "VW buyers who take advantage of the promotion will receive a 15GB iPod and a 'connectivity kit.'"  Does this mean you can simply plug your iPod into the dash?  Don't know...

Grokster is releasing Grokster Pro, a $20 ad-free version of their file-sharing client.  Now you can pay to get free downloads.

Gizmodo wonders: if the FAA starts allowing cellphones in flight, will there be a non-talking section?  I hope so :)  Apparently Amtrak has designated "quiet cars" on many of its trains, but it doesn't work.