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Tuesday,  07/01/03  11:23 PM

The Island Chronicles - One of the Boing Boing bloggers is Mark Frauenfelder.  He and Carla Sinclair moved from Los Angeles to Rarotonga, a tiny island in the South Pacific, taking their two young daughters with them, and they're photo blogging...  Fascinating!

So, you think music downloaders aren't price sensitive?  Listen.com cut their price on individual tracks from 99¢ to 79¢, and their traffic doubled.  This is not a random data point; I still think 50¢ is the magic number.

USAToday interviews Bill Gates.  One of the questions concerned Stewart Alsop's recent Fortune column, in which he accused Microsoft of being boringBill's reply didn't exactly rebut the charge - you judge for yourself.  I think he confuses making money with being exciting...

10,000 new words have been added to the dictionary, and one of them is geek.  Whose picture goes alongside?  The über-geek himself, of course! [ via Chris Prajzner ]

Oh yeah, and they took "gullible" out of the dictionary :)

Clay Shirky: A Group is its Own Worst Enemy.  Excellent! - well worth a click.  "Now, when I say these are three things you have to accept, I mean you have to accept them.  Because if you don't accept them upfront, they'll happen to you anyway."  It is interesting how some groups "just work" and others just don't, with no apparent differences between them.  Like, why does Slashdot work?

The Matrix in ASCII text.  Proving that indeed some people have too much free time.

The War of the Roses: Tim Bray and Don Park get into a chest beating contest - over the fatness of their roses.  "I'm sorry, this has just gone way, way too far.  Words written in public become deeds, and some deeds are inexcusable and I see no point in excusing the inexcusable."