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Monday,  06/30/03  11:21 PM

Hey, it's my six month blogiversary!  I've now been blogging for 187 days, during which time I've made 233 posts, and written 33 articles.  We've served 44,251 visitors, of whom 5,106 have come back at least three times.  Amazing, this is really cool.  Thank you all for coming by...

The official capacity of Dodger Stadium is 56,000, but most games the attendence is pretty close to 44,000, so that's an easy number for me to visualize.  That is a lot of people.  Blogging is so excellent, how else could I possibly communicate with that many people!

spraypaint inkjetThis is cool - an "inkjet printer" for walls, made from a can of spray paint.  When you click through, be sure to check out the movie of the printer in action.  [ via Boing Boing ]

Windows smartphoneYou know how people always say Microsoft never gets it right the first time, but they always get it right eventually?  Here's further evidence: BW describes Microsoft's Second Assault on Smartphones.  I guess when you have $46B in the bank you can afford to try more than once.  You have to give them credit, they see a big market, they want it, and they don't give up until they get it.

Netscape 7.1 released.  Yawn.
Mozilla 1.4 released.  Yawn.

Astrobiology has posted NASA's timeline of the top 75 events in planetary exploration.  You can see from the dates that we had a good head of steam for a while, but the last decade nothing much has happened.  A short-sighted reallocation of resources, in my humble opinion.  My father was in charge of software simulation at JPL for the Pioneer missions...

P.S. How cool is it that there is such a thing as Astrobiology Magazine?

Adam Curry reports that whenever he is asked for an interview by a Dutch magazine, he insists that an audio transcript be available to post on his weblog!  (Adam is an ex-MTV VJ now living in Amsterdam.)

Gary Wolf: Louis Rossetto vs. Dave Winer.  The founder of Wired took on the scion of weblogs back in 1994.

Are you a coder, or a coder manager (aka "cat herder")?  Do you and/or your team use dual monitors?  If you don't, please check out this JoelOnSoftware thread.  Every seems to agree it helps - I'm going to try it with my team.  I have a dual monitor setup myself - I use my laptop and my external monitor as separate windows to my desktop - and it is great for debugging GUIs.

Marc Cantor: The Go Game.  I don't get it, but it looks fun anyway.

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