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Wednesday,  06/25/03  11:22 PM

Rats.  I love my Sharp DVD recorder, but I knew it was early in the curve.  Now Pioneer has announced DVD recorders which include Tivo.  Of course the 120GB model will cost $1,800.  "At these prices, they aren't making a play for the mass market."  But of course prices will come down...

Wired has a great interview with Robert Moog, inventor of the first commercial music synthesizer.  "A hundred years ago, music was a social thing - musicians would face one another and bond through sound.  Now, everybody is by himself."  He is apparently building the "Minimoog", a new small music synthesizer with the Moog sound.  Oh yeah, and it will be built from analog hardware.

Design according to Ive: a tour of the new Apple G5 courtesy of Jonathan Ive, Apple's lead industrial designer.  In how many computer companies is the lead industrial designer better known than the chief technologist?

It's a thing: Nanotech Spending Nears $3 billion.

Lockergnome has RSS feeds for Amazon products!  How cool is that!

Southern SunsetThis week's Carnival is presented by A Single Guy in the South, complete with a "backroadin' Southern song" for each blog.  My favorite new song, er, blog is "I Know This is Probably Bad for Me", which sounds like a Southern song but is actually a blog.  Y'all check 'em out, hear?

Something only for web nerds...  The RSS wars continue.  Mark Pilgrim asks "will the real RSS validator please stand up?"  (My WN is 1/2, by the way.)  Steve Gilmor considers RSS also, among other things, in a well written article.

Google likes me!  I've concluded that there must have been a change to Google's ranking algorithms.  This week I've been getting a lot more traffic, and after poking around I've discovered you guys have mostly been sent from Google.  And you're going all over my site to all sorts of old posts.  For some reason Google must be putting my site higher up in their ranking of search results.  Must be because I'm feeding their pigeons :)  Anyway, if you're here because Google sent you, thanks for coming!

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