Critical Section

Tuesday,  06/24/03  11:36 PM

Baghdad BobReuters is carrying an unconfirmed report that former Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka "Baghdad Bob" has been captured.  "'He has some serious talking to do...this time', a 'senior coalition source' was quoted as saying."  Verrry interesting...

Bill Gates sent an email update to Microsoft partners and customers today, calling for government and corporate cooperation to fight junk mail.  "Spam is so significant a problem that it threatens to undo much of the good that e-mail has achieved."  In a case of supreme irony, my spam filter treated Bill's email as spam.

Jim Lynch gives Lindows 4.0 "the Mom Test".  It passed.  Perhaps Linux really will make inroads on the desktop...  the machines sure are cheap inexpensive .

Tim Bray thinks intelligent search is a Turing Test.  He's probably right; Google doesn't search anything like the way an experienced librarian does, any more than Deep Junior plays chess like Garry Kasparov...  in fact this analogy is apt because in both cases the computer substitutes being able to do something simple very fast for being able to do something complicated.

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