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Sunday,  06/15/03  01:02 PM

Happy Father's DayHappy Father's Day to all you fathers out there...

On Deck Circle...
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On Deck Circle

My wonderful family gave me a pair of Adirondack chairs and matching table, so I could relax on the deck.  Here we are, enjoying a perfect day; I'm reading Masters of Doom :)

Steven Den Beste notes France is trying to push the bad blood with the U.S. into the past, but Americans are not having any of it.  Trade with the U.S. is way down.  Excellent, there should be consequences for bad behavior.  Personally I don't regard France as an ally anymore.

[ Later, Steven followed with another post about French investment ... ]

Here's an interesting and informative photo essay on the Gaza Coast.  [ via LGF ]  I was surprised how "normal" things look; I guess I expected nomadic tents in the desert, which is ridiculous, of course.  Too bad these people can't just live in peace...

Car Audio reports starting in 2004, we'll have 42-Volt Autos.  Better for car audio than the current 12V, and better for all electronics in the car, actually; this will give us the ability to synthesize 100VAC, for one thing.  Makes sense, boats have had higher voltage for years.

Turns out Turing Machines are characterized more by why they can't do than by what they can.  Geoff Cohen has posted a fascinating discussion about their limitations, touching on the halting problem (sometimes a T.M. can solve a problem, but in an unknown amount of time), and on the fact that algorithms which require arithmetic time are infinitely faster than those which require geometric time.  [ via Boing Boing ]

Andrew Anker posted an interesting article on VC due diligence.  I met Andrew the other day; he's as interesting and thoughtful in person as he is blogging.

Business Week calls blogs "open-source" media.  Not a bad article, although it doesn't break new ground.

Daring Fireball reviews trackbacks, not flatteringly.  You'll recall I implemented outbound trackbacks, but not inbound; in other words I'll tell people who support it that I've linked to them, but I really don't care if people tell me.  I'd rather learn about it from referers which have clicked through.  [ Later - W6 posts a rebuttal in favor of trackbacks. ]

{ Seems like Dave Winer is mounting some sort of anti-Movable-Type campaign, which is weird, because he isn't really involved in Userland anymore.  This "my RSS is the only real RSS" stuff gets old very fast.  Here at Critical Section I brew my own RSS, and it seems to work just fine in all aggregators. }

Yesterday I had only 85 page views.  That was the least on any day since Feb 21, back when I was just getting started.  Either the weather was too nice for blogsurfing, or the fact that I hadn't blogged anything new for three days caught up with me.  So be it, I'll try to be more interesting :)

We're in between wine lockers, so our little collection of wine is now at home, where we can freely drink it.  This could be dangerous.  Last night's selection was a '95 Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot.  Absolutely wonderful - I'd give it a 93.

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