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Echo the Gecko

Monday,  05/26/03  09:24 PM

Echo the Gecko
(click for larger pic)

We have a new member of our household, please welcome "Echo"!  She is a baby Leopard Gecko and we think she is pretty darn cute.  Seems like a friendly little thing, too...

Right now she is banded - almost like a snake - but when she's older she'll have spots like a leopard.

Unfortunately geckos eat live crickets - four per day - so when you take on a gecko as a pet, you are also taking on a bunch of crickets and they are not cute.  Also they are not silent.  Amazingly both Alex (9) and Megan (6) grabbed a cricket and fed Echo.  Our cat Reggie is interested in both Echo and the crickets, so we have our hands full keeping nature at bay.  Stay tuned.