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Citydesk 2.0

Tuesday,  05/06/03  11:45 PM

Yippee, I'm trying theCitydesk 2.0 beta.  (Citydesk is the tool I use for creating all these pages.)  There's a bunch of new stuff as well as bug fixes, performance improvements, etc.  The most visible thing to you, my readers, is that I was able to add "previous" and "next" links on every post and article.  These let you browse though posts chronologically.  For an example, please click here; this takes you to yesterday's post.  You'll notice new links at the top which take you to the previous and next posts.  You can click "home" to return to the main page.

So far so good, but as always with new software stuff could be broken; if you notice anything amiss please let me know!