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Wednesday,  04/30/03  08:43 PM

Wow, end of April!  The first third of 2003 is gone!  And what an eventful year it has been, so far...

A little blog vanity: In those 120 days I have made 152 posts and written 23 articles.  We have served 30,968 visitors, of whom 2,992 have come back at least three times.  That is so cool.  Thank you all for coming by...

The bad news - I am way behind where I was hoping to be with Unnatural Selection.  I guess being an author and a CTO of a startup are incompatible.  I'm not giving up - I still think the problem is severe, and needs to be discussed - but my expectations have shifted.  I just have to start writing and we'll see how it all falls out.

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In my ongoing quest to check out RSS aggregators, today I decided to try NewGator.  This works a little differently from other aggregators in that it is an Outlook plug-in.  It integrates right into Outlook and RSS feed items are treated much like emails.  Each feed becomes a separate folder.  It is really nice, so far so good and no problems.  And as with SharpReader I was pleasantly surprised to find Critical Section works and the posts look just fine.  The only thing is - I still like surfing websites much better than receiving RSS feeds.  So I'm trying a combination; I'm only receiving feeds for a few major sites - this way I'll be notified when "something happens", and I'll be surfing to the others from my blogroll.  I'll keep you posted...  stay tuned.

An under-reported attribute of the new iTunes is its ability to "share" music with "your friends".  Read all about it on Macintouch.  See how smart Apple was with this; instead of fighting file sharing, they are facilitating it, but in the context of buying music instead of stealing it.  This is how you win - give people what they want, and figure out how to charge for it.

If you're a connoisseur of Steve Jobs' presentations [as I am], here's a C|Net video of the iPod and iTunes Music Store introductions.

Of course people are already poking at the edges; Too Much News reports how to link to items within the iTunes Music Store.

Update: Walt Mossberg likes it, too...

This is so cool!  Check out GeoBlog, the world as a blog...

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