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Sunday,  04/27/03  11:53 PM

The WSJ's Opinion Journal engages in Fehlervorhersagefreude: "They said what?"

Did you see this]  C|Net reports:  "A federal judge in Los Angeles has handed a stunning court victory to file-swapping services Streamcast Networks and Grokster, dismissing much of the record industry and movie studios' lawsuit against the two companies."  Wow.  Kazaa was not part of the suit, but by extension they would be exonerated as well.  I'm sure there will be an appeal, but this is the biggest defeat for record labels in their battle against file sharing so far.

I read a story in Business 2.0 (May issue) suggesting that Apple should buy Tivo.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  There is a loose analogy to the iPod business - a media device which adds value to the computer as the "digital hub" - but I really don't see it.  Apple is announcing their online music service tomorrow, that should be quite interesting.

Want to see something really cool?  Check out one pixel per meter.  Ever wonder how the Eiffel Tower compares to a Klingon Battlecruiser?  Well, now you know.

Yippee.  Dave Winer to the rescue; he explains trackbacks.  Someday in my virtual spare time I'll implement them - maybe - in the meantime it is nice to know how they work...  Essentially what they enable is that as you are reading a post or article online, you can see links to posts and articles on other sites which reference it.

I saw something really lame today, and have to share it.  Lexus is running print ads which look like the cover of a magazine called Über Auto.  The cover has the headline "Wilkommen Zu Der Wunderbar Wagen", and features excerpts from a story by Mätthias Muench: "...the World has been put on notice, again..."  At the bottom of the page in small letters, you find "Über Auto and Mätthias Muench are fictional, but you already knew that, didn't you?"

Well, I didn't already know that.  I hate the smugness of this.  They think it is so cool to pretend to be a German magazine praising a Japanese car, and then they're going to let us in on the joke, but do it in such a way as to imply we should have known anyway.  Look, if you can't find an actual magazine to praise your car, don't make one up.  This is bogus.  And please don't imply that Germans know more about cars than Americans.  Sheesh.

{ I own a Lexus and I love it.  What happened to "the relentless pursuit of perfection?" }

The Webbys are dead!  Well, not dead, but the ceremony has been cancelled.  Between the war in Iraq and SARS and airlines going bankrupt, they decided people would not want to travel to San Francisco, so they're going to do the awards online.  So be it, but I always thought the accounts of the ceremony were better than the awards themselves...

The cover story of the latest issue of Wired is now online; Re-Enter the Matrix.  I can't wait - just three more weeks!  Interestingly, in order to make this movie the filmmakers created a digital replica of "the real world" inside a computer, completely modeling everything including actors Keanu Reaves (Neo) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith).  You'll recall the Matrix is a simulation of Earth used to pacify humans being used as batteries.  So in order to film the Matrix, they essentially created a matrix.  Very interesting.  I wonder if I'm just a battery?

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