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Sunday,  04/20/03  09:26 PM

Okay, I finally bit the bullet and tried Luke Hutteman's SharpReader.  Very cool.  (For an RSS aggregator, that is...)  It does preserve the "look" of posts; I was pleasantly surprised to find that with no changes Critical Section looked great.  Loading a post even loads the frameset.  If you are at all inclined to mess around with an aggregator, check this one out...

Sterling Hughes comments about HTML 4, XHTML 2, CSS, and all the alphabet soup: Isn't it supposed to get easier?  Yeah, what happened?

Speaking of the alphabet soup, Sam Ruby hosted a great pissing contest, featuring Mark Pilgrim, Don Box, Dave Winer, Simon Fell and of course Sam himself.  More heat than light, IMHO, but funny...

Jason Kottke shares a horrible thought: What if books had advertising?  Yuk!  Don't even think such throughts...

I'm rereading Nevil Shute's classic novel In the Wet.  What a terrific book.  I wish I could write that well, such economy of words.  And the ideas are excellent, very thought-provoking...

Steven Den Beste wonders: Why is Nato?

How much would you pay for a really great website?  Would you consider $4M?  I didn't think so.  Well, apparently the Austrialian IT minister would...  Must have used gold pixels.

Please check out my extended blogroll from time to time.  I keep adding new sites.  Two of these are chosen at random and linked in the Blog Roulette box at the top of the home page.  Lots of great blogs out there - check 'em out!

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