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Wow.  New blogroll entry.  American Empire - a "Command Post" about SARS.  Not only is this really great information, but isn't it excellent that the blogosphere responds to emergencies in this way?  You cannot get this type of information from the media (especially if you live in Hong Kong, but also not if you live in L.A.).  { P.S. Anyone know or can guess why they called it "American Empire"? }

Speaking of Command Post, what happened over there?  They did this redesign and now it looks like some kind of portal.  I no like.  It is especially worse trying to pull it up on my Treo.  I do believe they've jumped the shark.

Peking Duck continues to blog away about SARS in China.  Very scary - there is now a rumor that two students at Bejing university have the virus.  "They live in dorm rooms with as many as eight guys, jammed in like cattle. It's the perfect breeding ground for disease."

The Duck is moving to Singapore...  I look forward to his reports from there.  A thoughtful expat as mole in Eastern societies, what a perfect blogging angle.  For more on Singapore see The Gweilo Diaries, from another expat.  You can't make this stuff up - isn't blogsurfing fun!

James Schlesinger in WSJ: Political Shock and Awe.  The fallout from the coalition's military success in Iraq continues.

Please check out this great webcast of a talk given at Berkeley by Max Boot, "Does America Need An Empire".  Interesting, balanced, and well-reasoned thinking.  [ Thanks Ralph Lee ]

Remember when webcasts were iffy?  Teeny windows, uneven audio, constant interruptions and restarts, server errors?  Now - they actually work.  I watched this like I was watching TV.  (Like watching TV with Tivo, I should say; pause, rewind, no commercials, etc.!)

Brad Choate loves his Tivo.  And makes interesting points about the technology and future business opportunities.  [ via Luke Hutteman, author of SharpReader ]

You knew it was going to happen: Mark Pilgrim is selling space on his blogroll in exchange for BlogShares.  Where will it end?

By the way, Critical Section "went public"; current market cap is $3,265.32.  You can buy shares for $1.16.  (When you sign up, you get $500.  All money is virtual.)

I, Cringley has a rambly article out; skip past the pet psychology and there are some interesting factoids.  I love the discussion of Google's 10,000 servers and what they do when one goes down: Nothing.  Also some good stuff about Microsoft's Tivo ambitions.

Dell is back on top - in the first quarter of 2003 they shipped more PCs than anyone else, pushing HP back down into second.  Looks like the Compaq acquisition is not working the way Carly hoped.

Finally - a Wall Street trader accused of insider trading offers an unusual defense: he claims to be a time traveler from 2256.  I am not making this up.