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Friday,  04/11/03  10:45 PM

Eason Jordon, Chief News Executive at CNN, describes The News We Kept to Ourselves.  Wow.  That should finish off whatever credibility CNN has left...  They're being pilloried all over the blogosphere.

I'll be the two millionth blogger to link  "I now inform you that you are too far from reality."

Stephen Den Beste: The Grinch Who Stole Quagmire.  Hilarious.  Another "Clueless" post destined for the top of Daypop!

I just discovered One Hand Clapping.  I like that sound.  Check it out.

The Red PillTake the red pill - the Matrix Reloaded trailer is out.  For a really cool trailer-viewing experience, download this one (100MB) and play it full screen.  The movie looks awesome, they seems to have pushed the special effects envelope once more.

Wired has a pretty wild story about the infamous tracking boards.  It is a fun read but a little exaggerated; please divide everything by three.

Remember my little survey about whether Apple was going to Intel or IBM?  Most of you thought IBM, and insiders seem to back you up (hey, maybe most of you are insiders).  Anyway John Dvorak disagrees; his latest is How MacIntel Will Change the Market.  Maybe John likes to stir the pot, but he makes good points.

Chris Pirillo has a new project up - the Windows File of the Day.  Lots of cool utils.

If you don't like the price of something, why not change it?  See Steal this Barcode for details...  "Wal-mart is not amused."  Yeah, I can understand that, these people are stealing.

The Tivo Home Media Option has been out for what, a week?  People are already hacking up a storm.  Here's a great post by a guy who programmed his Tivo to display his email.  Why?  Why not!

Here's some amazing paper art - Quadros.  Very, very, cool.

Please join me in welcoming VentureBlog to my blogroll.  I visit it every day and I like it, so there.

Finally - more site dieting - tonight I implemented mod_gzip.  This causes all text output to be compressed, reducing page sizes by 50%.  More speed for you dial-uppers...

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