Critical Section

Monday,  04/07/03  09:44 PM

Our big apes are in big trouble.  "In just 20 years, poaching and the Ebola virus have cut in half the ape population of western equatorial Africa".  Not good.

C|Net reports Microsoft is rebranding Office 2003 as "Office System", and including SharePoint.  I would be more excited if I understood SharePoint.  Why does Microsoft create these products which defy simple description?  Must just be me...

Forbes: the 25 fastest growing technology companies.  Aperio is not one of them.  Yet :)

The RIAA continues their madness - now they're suing four college students who shared music online for $150,000 per song.  Yep, that's going to boost music sales, all right.

An urban fable: AccordionGuy and The Girl Who Cried Webmaster.  { Moral: if you're going to pretend you're a webmistriss, learn HTTP. }

Just got the new issue of Wired magazine.  It came with a supplement called UnWired which was the same size as the magazine - all about WiFi, handhelds, applicances, etc.  Very cool.  (Not online yet, so I can't post a link.)

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