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Friday,  04/04/03  11:35 PM

People can say what they like about the progress of the war, but after only two weeks the allies are in Baghdad.  Coalition forces have lost 84 people, and by Iraqi government estimates 453 Iraqi civilians have been killed.  This is a huge military success.  There has never been anything to compare with this in terms of the military achievement vs. the lives lost.

SARS is getting more serious.  The American Association for Cancer Research has canceled their annual meeting scheduled for next week in Toronto due to SARS.  (There have been 150 cases and seven confirmed deaths due to SARS in the Toronto area.)  That's 16,000 high-powered cancer researchers, not going to their most important conference.   { Aperio was planning to exhibit at this show. }

Wow.  Sony is developing a TV which will play video streams from home networks.  Of course they are.