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Thursday,  04/03/03  11:03 PM

So, talking about lying; now Gerhard Schroeder thinks Saddam Hussein should be removed from power.  This man has no integrity.  Kind of like the [ex-]L.A.Times photographer who Photoshopped an image which appears on the LAT front page.  I think the photographer was just trying to make his images more interesting, but Schroeder is actually trying to have it both ways.  And of course the N.Y.Times is setting a new standard for dishonest reporting.

This is what is so great about blogs.  Not only are they a great source of original information, but the blogosphere relentlessly edits itself to prune falsehood (and edits "the media", too, of course).  You can't claim the U.S. is bombing civilians in Baghdad when there are satellite pics with 1m resolution posted which show otherwise...

Peter Arnett says "this war is not working".  (Of course, neither is he - anymore.)  Note date.  An April Fool if there ever was one!

SARS: Should you be worried?  I am...  It will take time for this lethal cold to mutate to a more benign form, and even longer to develop a vaccine.  This could get bad.  And no pre-celebrating, please, there could be silent carriers.

Did you know Charles Schwab is opening an online bank?  Hmmm....

Salon continues to live.  Yay.  They are way liberal (and kind of whiney), but I like them anyway.  I can really remember, in 1997, when people thought they would put newsmagazines out of business.

We now have a blogging VC.  Cool - welcome to the blogosphere!

Barry Bonds likes David Eckstein.  So do I.  And speaking of baseball (we were, right?) wasn't it nice to see Kevin Brown back in form?  (Maybe not if you're a Diamondback.)

Do you like squid?  I do.  Turns out a rare "colossus squid" was caught off New Zealand.  Cue Don Novello in Atlantis: "with that I would have a white wine".

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