Critical Section

Wednesday,  03/26/03  06:19 PM

Do you continue to find yourself drawn to "watching" the war?  I do...  The Command Post and The Agonist are my regular stops, along with the BBC Reporter's LogThe Strategy Page is good too (today's offering: Top Ten Myths about the War in Iraq).  But enough of that!  I've decided you probably don't need war news from me.

Interesting article in Business Week: Hollywood Needs a Digital Story Line.  Reading between these lines, Hollywood studios are ripe for a disruptive technology attack.  The combination of the growth of broadband Internet connections and improvements in compression technology threaten the carefully timed release of movies on different media (theaters, rentals, pay-per-view, broadcast).

I talked to a friend today about Silicon Valley.  He lives in San Francisco, and is a consumate technologist.  I'd regard him as a SV insider, but he's considering moving!  Boston and L.A. are two possibilities...  The factors are: overall malaise in the technology industry, real estate glut (commerical) and bubble (residential), lack of new investment, bad environment for creative new ventures.  I wonder if this happened in the 80s, too?  Seem to be a number of data points where smart creative people are leaving SV for other places...  Of course, smart creative people were what made SV in the first place.

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