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Monday,  03/24/03  10:13 PM

_____ WAR _____

If you're not surfing The Command Post, you're missing out on the single best source for war reporting.  It is currently both #1 & #2 on Popdex, #2 & #3 on Daypop, and #1 & #4 on Blogdex (two URLs, one old, one new).  I wonder how their traffic compares to CNN?  (No question about how their reporting compares...)

The Telegraph carris a great analysis of the Tough decisions at Baghdad gates.  There's a terrific map accompanying the article as well.  The punch line is that the coalition has done well so far but the toughest times are still ahead.  Steven Den Beste sounds a similar theme...  Fox News has a good interview with Colin Powell.  I keep forgetting he led our forces in Gulf War I.

As we tally the casualties, note that these Thai Islamic miltants killed 24 civilians, and they aren't even in a war.  Of course that doesn't justify anything, but it helps create perspective - that's more people than coalition forces have lost to date.

Another great day-by-day today (check it fast, no permalinks).  Another great cartoon lampooning current events is Cox & Forkum...  This one is great, too.  [Thanks, American RealPolitik.]

_____ NON WAR _____

I'm really fascinated by this Apple going to Intel thing.  Intel seems to feel "we" are not ready for 64-bit computing, where "we" = "Windows".  So they have this big push to make 64-bit chips their future, but only for servers?  Doesn't quite compute.  Seems like such an opportunity for Apple; OSX could be migrated to Itanium, it would hold their differentiator while opening them to a huge world of inexpensive support chips and peripherals.  I bet Photoshop would fly on an Itanium.  On the other hand people who know like Scoble and Doc say Apple is committed to the PowerPC.  Hmmm...  (If you have an opinion, please vote in the survey below...)