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Monday,  03/24/03  01:12 AM

I had to stay up to read about Saddam's speech this morning.  I think this is good news.  It confirms my suspicions that Saddam is badly hurt, but not dead.  Nothing in this speech mentions any events which have happened since he was attacked Thursday night.  He talks about "resistance in Umm Qasr", but that was an easy guess since the city is on the Kuwait border, and actually there was little fighting there.  (He never anticipated coalition forces would be 100 miles from Baghdad.)  If this tape were made since yesterday, it would surely have mentioned the U.S. POWs and the fighting at Nasiriyah.  There is also the two camera thing.  Most damagingly, if this tape was shot after Thursday, he would have mentioned the attack itself!  Early analysis by FOX and MSNBC agrees - it was Saddam, and it was canned.  Also, seeing this tape confirms that the man we saw on television Friday was not Saddam (which further bolsters the "Saddam is hurt" theory).  This is a guy who has been an absolute dictator for twenty years, and you can't fake his attitude.