Critical Section

Sunday,  03/23/03  03:33 PM

_____ WAR _____

It was inevitable that we'd have soldiers die and be captured, but it sure is tough.  Let's hope we can continue to advance rapidly and force a quit end.  It will benefit the Iraqis just as much or more than the coalition.  And where's Saddam?  I really think he was at least injured, or we would have heard from him by now...  and if he were dead, we probably would have heard that by now, too.

The Command Post has moved - it is now [temporarily] here.  It is a great blog and I can understand they were getting hammered, but they could have handled their server transition better.  Need DNS help, guys?

Here is the best map of Iraq I've found.

_____ NON WAR _____

John Dvorak claims Apple is switching to Intel - as in Itaniums (64-bit).  Reading his article, it really makes sense, Apple can optimize OSX for the Itanium without having to worry about backward-compatibility of a 32-bit installed base.  (It is known that 32-bit code runs better on Pentiums than Itaniums.)  Meanwhile Scoble disagrees, and claims Apple is sticking with the PowerPC, but switching to IBM.  Either way Motorola loses.  This is going to be fun to watch - Apple is one of the few companies that can moon the giant.

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