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Friday,  03/21/03  09:53 PM

_____ WAR _____

I keep reading these rumors that Saddam has been hurt.  I can't decided whether 1) it is likely true, because otherwise he would make some sort of gesture to reassure Iraqis that he is okay, ot 2) it is likely untrue, because otherwise the Iraqi government would have come apart.  The rumors don't seem helpful as a ruse, do they?

It sure is nice to read that ordinary Iraqis are pleased by the coalition "liberation".  Makes you think maybe this is all going to be worthwhile in the end.  Imagine the lives these people have led.  And Iraq is not a backward country, they are wealthy and have a long history of culture and technology.

Technorati has a great new "current events" page, sort of a Google News of blogging.  Check it out!  This seems like a great way to follow the war online.  Of course now we have one more index to check - alongside Daypop, Popdex, and Blogdex...  I love this comment by Ken Layne - "CNN is so Gulf War I".  It is so true.

CBS - fake "B-52s over Baghdad"CBS really messed up.  They posted this picture with the caption "In a photo taken using infrared night photography, B-52s fly over Baghdad during the raid Friday".  Well, it is a fake - look at the grayscale/invert picture and you can easily tell the same plane has been duplicated three times.  B-52s don't fly that close together anyway, and they don't fly "over" anything - they get close, then their bombs fly the rest of the way.  Sheesh.  CBS is so World War II.

If you want a blow-by-blow of war news as it happens, check out The Command Post.  All sorts of people are tracking all sorts of media, and posting excerpts.  Really good.

I don't care if you think this war is a mistake, but it totally pisses me off if you don't support our troops "over there".  These people need help.

LGF is outdoing themselves today, I particularly like this one...

Here's a fascinating site -, the home page of the one and only Iraqi Internet Service Provider.  According to their site meter, 40% of their hits come from the U.S., despite the fact that the site is in Arabic.  What is especially interesting is that this site is still on the air - the U.S. is doing everything it can to convince Iraqi civilians that it is not at war with them.

_____ NON WAR _____

Please check out Day by Day, a great comic strip in the tradition of Doonesbury.  I'm finding myself there every day...

Are you as exasperated by spam as I am?  Here's an interesting idea - "e-stamps" which would charge a tiny fee for each email sent.  Of course regular stamps haven't prevented junk mail, but it could definitely help,

And then there was one?  SonicBlue has filed for bankruptcy; they are (or were) Tivo's closest competitor...

Here's a great name for a blog: Interrobang.  Pretty nice blog, don't you think]

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