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Thursday,  03/13/03  10:51 PM

I had a bunch of posts queued up - on the road - finally let them escape...

Interesting - Chile has proposed a new U.N. resolution aimed at bridging the gap between the Alliance (US/UK) and the Axis (France/Russia/China).  The proposal may not be acceptable to either side, but the fact that Chile has taken it upon themselves as a conflicted and unaligned member of the U.N. Security Council to make this unsolicited proposal is interesting.  Meanwhile the Alliance are meeting in the Azores off Portugal to plot strategy; I've always wanted to visit there, but somehow I doubt they'll do much sightseeing.  If you're a student of the military preparations, please visit  Much maneuvering, and as usual Steven Den Beste is thoughtful and interesting on the countdown...

This period in world diplomacy is going to be studied by historians, politicians, and thoughtful people everywhere for many years to come.  Interesting times, indeed...

"Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq" - This gets my vote for the most misleading and biased news headline of the year, amid stiff competition.  The Pentagon has stated satellite uplinks in a war zone could be targeted.  Does anyone find this amazing?  Of course they'll be trying to disrupt communications during a war.  They haven't threatened to kill anyone, they've warned people so they won't get killed.  Sheesh.

There are about one billion articles about Elizabeth Smart, and I can't add anything to them, but as a parent I can only imagine how blessed her parents must feel.  Just shows that there is always hope...

Wow - I wonder if AOL is really planning an answer to Tivo?  Doesn't seem likely that Time Warner, the world's leading content company, could bring themselves to endorse this.  They'll have the same conflicts as Sony, with even more bias towards content.  But who knows...

Interesting post by Dave Hyatt about's coverage of the new Mozilla 1.3 release, which revisits the 1998 browser wars...  Dave makes some good points, but he also indulges in logical fallacy; he says even though IE 4 was technically superior to Netscape 4, it didn't matter because Netscape couldn't have won anyway.  Well, maybe, but it did matter - technical superiority is why Microsoft won.  More on this later...

Hey - check out Feedster! (the RSS search engine formerly known as Roogle...)

This is interesting - is starting to carry live baseball games, with the same kinds of blackout restrictions in effect for TV.  They use your credit card billing address to know where you live.  If you're reading this five years from 2003, you probably think this was always routine, right?  As in "oh, yeah, remember TV?"

Howard Stern is suing ABC over plans for a show called "Are You Hot?"  Yeah, right Howard, you invented the idea of objectifying women for their sexiness.

Check out the fly guy...  cool.

Finally - Happy Birthday NCSA Mosaic.  The first version of the first web browser was released ten years ago today.  Seems like only yesterday, doesn't it?  Uh, no, actually.  Seems like forever!  Who can even remember what it was like before the web?

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