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Saturday,  02/08/03  07:15 PM

Today features an interesting ploy by the French.  They have proposed a U.N. peacekeeping force be stationed in Iraq, as a way to prevent Iraqi aggression while averting war.  It certainly complicates things, since now there is a credible alternative for U.N. Security Council members to consider (besides doing nothing and attacking Iraq).  U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was not amused, possibly because he found out about the proposal in the media, instead of being contacted directly.

Interesting Tale of Two Stories by Doc Searles on the Linux Journal website.  He suggests that Linux' success is an Innovator's Dilemma story - that Microsoft is being "attacked from below" in classic fashion.  A lot of interesting ideas - I can't do it all justice - read it!

The Scientist has a great article: Breast Cancer: The Big Picture Emerges [free registration required].  {My little company Aperio makes microscope slide scanners which, among other things, are useful for automated detection of breast tumors.}

Clear Channel, the company which owns over 1,200 radio stations and 37 TV stations, is planning to sell CDs of a live concert recording - at the concert!

Gary Kasparov and Deep Junior drew their match.  In six matches each won once, and there were four draws.  Most observers felt game 5 was the best, in which Deep Junior, playing black, offered a stunning bishop sacrifice and chased Kasparov's king all over the board.  Only a clever perpetual check enabled Kasparov to salvage a draw.  Isn't it amazing how much depth there is in such a simple game?

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