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Friday,  02/07/03  12:27 PM

The French are starting to take some well-deserved hits for their lack of support for the U.S. on Iraq.  I like this one!

Wired has a nice update on the Man vs. Machine battle, aka Kasparov vs. Deep Junior.  As you know, the series is tied after five matches, with one match remaining.  Chess experts feel the chess played in this match is the prettiest ever by a computer.  May the best, er, chess player win!

Scoble has a thoughtful post about Microsoft and Weblogs.  I like Scoble - he thinks of interesting stuff.  I like him so much, I'm adding him to my blogroll.  Welcome, Robert!

Wondering "what the heck is a blogroll?"  Well, you're in luck, because I'm in an explaining mood today.  When people have a weblog like this one, they often have a list of "sites they like" and/or "weblogs they visit".  I have one over there on the right.  This is a blogroll.  Some people get carried away and list every site they've ever visited, with the result that you have hundreds of links and it isn't useful.  But I like every site in my roll and visit them often.  You should, too!

Jon Udell writes about "Shipping the Prototype" in Info World.  I agree 100%.  Visual Basic is a great language for writing applications.  Heck, so is Korn Shell :)  Whatever gets your functionality out the door and into the hands of users...

Today I added GUIDs to this site's RSS feed.  You might be a geek if you know what this means, or care...

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication.  An "RSS feed" for a website is a text file which contains a computer-understandable table-of-contents.  There are programs you can get called "RSS aggregrators" which combine RSS feeds from many different sites to create a customizable view of the contents of all the sites.  This is particularly useful with news sites and weblogs, which have content that changes frequently.  A nice friendly aggregator is Userland Software's Radio.

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